You MUST Recycle Or Re-Use Your Clothes


It does not matter who you are. How many millions you’ve got in the bank we’re heading towards a man-made disastrous world for the next generation if we don’t take action now.

Action means to stop using single-use products or throwing away perfectly good clothes when you can either give them away or sell them.

We at Grown Out Of It are huge believers in reselling or recycling your old stuff, especially perfectly good clothes. We know that when your child grows out of their clothes unless you can pass them down to the next child, they become useless to you.

Here’s an idea, take 5 minutes out of your life, take some pictures of your Grown Out Of It clothes and list them on our website, like these clever people have.

Not only will you be helping towards creating a sustainable environment and setting your children and family a fantastic example, on the flip side you’ll be making yourself some extra cash tax free!

Here are some unbelievable stats that will hopefully make you take some action:

  • It takes 15,000 litres of water to grow the cotton to make one pair of jeans
  • The water used to create one carrier bag of clothes is equivalent to 80 years of drinking water for one person
  • The area the size of Ireland has disappeared from a lake in Kazakhstan due to cotton production
  • We throw away on average 36kgs of clothing each year
  • 1 kg of clothes is four dresses or a jumper, pair of jeans and t-shirt or shirt

Now, we are not saying all cotton growers are unethical however what we are saying is; if it takes this much effort to create clothing, then we should use them until they’re un-usable.

Remember we are all in this together, so take action now and start selling your second hand clothes.

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