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It’s a high possibility that I’m not the only parent that’s experienced buying a new coat, new tie or trainers etc and they don’t come home, not only that – never seen again. It’s frustrating and costly.

The Children’s Society show the average cost for secondary pupils is now £340 and primary pupils now £255.

An estimated one million households are pushing themselves into debt to pay for school uniforms.

Parents have come to us and said that second hand school uniform shops don’t really exist or if they do, they are on set days which are not always convenient and quite sporadic.

Wouldn’t it make life easier if they had an online store? If, for example, you son loses his jumper, they could simply go online, place an order and sort out the problem with less stress than having to wait around, juggling phone calls and emails amidst their work and daily lives.

This is where Grown Out Of It steps in to help. We have created an on-line store for your school to sell second-hand school uniform. We want to fill the missing link by becoming your school’s second-hand online store.

It’s free of charge, and always will be.

Your school can start using our site for free with 100% of the money going straight where it belongs – back to your school. We have 25,000 schools listed so your page should be on here and ready to use.

If you’re a parent that wants a bargain, a back-up set or trying to save money, a second-hand uniform service could be a perfect option.


This is where second-hand uniform comes in – a service which benefits everyone, and to which everyone should contribute to.

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