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We are delighted to see that Broadstone Middle School are looking into a nearly new scheme for school uniform.

Here at Grown Out Of It we are huge believers in reselling or recycling your old stuff, especially perfectly good school uniform. We know that when your child grows out of their uniform  unless you can pass them down to the next child, they become useless to you.

So, let us help you, take 5 minutes out, take some pictures of your child’s school uniform and list in on Grown Out Of It, like these clever people have.

Not only are you helping towards creating a sustainable environment you are setting your children a fantastic example, on the flip side you’ll be making yourself some extra cash tax free.

Grown Out Of It have already listed Broadstone Middle School and you can find it by clicking here : –

It’s simple to upload your school uniform items, register or sign in to your Grown Out Of It account and upload your pictures, description and price and you’re good to go!

Register here

Broadstone Middle School  require  all pupils are well presented. The standard of dress is important because it sets the expectation for work and behaviour and projects a positive image of the school in the community. It is expected that all pupils will take responsibility for their personal hygiene andarrive dressed clean, tidy and respectable manner.

If you are in any doubt or difficulty, please contact the school and discuss the problem with your child’s Head of Year.

Suppliers of new uniform are  PMG School wear

85 High Street,

Poole, BH15 1AH·

01202 686688

Bartletts 52 King Street, Wimborne BH21 1DX· 01202 856205

For a full list of uniform requirements at Broadstone Middle School please click here.


The Grown Out Of It Team

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