Bishops of Hereford School Uniform Details


With living expenses currently going through the roof,  it feels like our wallets are forever open!

One of those expenses is the unavoidable cost of school uniform.

Did you know that the average school uniform cost for secondary school pupils is now £340 and primary school pupils now £255?

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Below we have set out the school uniform kit list for Hereford’s Bishops School  and hope you may find some items on our site, the uniform code can also be found on the Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoat School Website. 


General Uniform

Blazer: Badge  Gold and blue on maroon background Blazer

Pullover: Navy Blue – plain V-necked plain, navy blue (without motifs or logos)

Tie: Maroon and gold striped. The knot should be pulled up to the top of the collar and must be kept smart and tidy.

Shoes: Black, smart, safe and sensible (with a heel not exceeding 2 inches). Trainers or canvas shoes should not be worn – if the shoes can be polished then they will probably be ok.



Skirt/Trousers:  Regulation navy blue knee length school skirt or trousers conforming to  school design – any alternatives are not acceptable. (Regulation school skirts  are available from the school shop). The skirt should have a single pleat at the back. Skirts should not be rolled up.

Blouse: Pale blue, worn tucked in at the waist. The top button must be done up, so please make sure that the neck size is appropriate.

Socks: Navy blue socks (ankle or knee length) or tights (NOT bare legs)


Girls PE Kit

Outdoor rugby shirt: Maroon, gold and blue (only available from the school shop)

Polo shirt:   Pale Blue (BHBS logo P.E. Shorts: Maroon with blue stripe (only available from school shop)

Trainers: Non-marking shoes

Socks: ¾ quarter socks Maroon (available from the school shop)

Girls may wear full length black leggings, neutral coloured base layer tops, and a rugby shirt (available from school shop) in inclement weather. .


Boys Uniform

Trousers: Dark grey (smart, not casual – not jeans or cords).

Shirt: Pale blue, worn tucked in at the waist. The top button must be done up, so please make sure that the neck size is appropriate. Summer Shirt For summer term only. Pale blue, with embroidered ‘BHBS’ worn outside the waistband without a blazer.

Socks: Dark socks (not white)


Boys PE Kit

Outdoor Rugby Shirt: Maroon and gold (reversible blue)

Rugby Shorts:  Navy Blue Socks   Navy with gold and maroon stripe

Indoor Shorts:  White  T-shirt   White with Bishop’s logo  Socks

Socks:  White short socks

Rugby Boots:  with safety studs

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